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At Product Vista, we believe that the success of a product relies on a solid strategy, a good understanding of your customers' needs, and flawless execution.

That's why we offer a comprehensive range of product management products and services to help businesses achieve their goals and exceed their customers' expectations.

Whether you are a startup or an established business, our experienced coaches will work closely with you to develop a tailor-made product strategy that meets the unique needs of your business.

We offer a range of services, including product strategy workshops, individual coaching sessions, product assessments, and product management training.

Our approach is customer-centric, and we work closely with our clients to understand their challenges and objectives, in order to provide them with solutions that meet their specific needs.

We take pride in our ability to help our clients succeed in today's competitive market, and we look forward to working with you to realize your product ambitions.

Product Strategy Workshops

Bring your product strategy to life with our collaborative workshops.

Do you wish to implement a solid and differentiated product strategy?

We have what you need! Our participatory workshops will help you formulate a clear and impactful product strategy.

During interactive sessions and practical exercises, our experienced coaches will guide you in identifying market opportunities, defining your target audience, and developing an action plan to achieve your goals.

You will leave the workshop with a clear vision of what is needed to bring your product project to life.

Our workshops are suitable for product teams, startup founders, and anyone looking to develop their product management skills.

So don't hesitate, make the most of your product strategy by signing up for one of our 2-day workshops.The price is negotiable according to your needs.

Coaching for Product Leader et Directors

This coaching is aimed at product managers who wish to develop their skills and leadership, and who want to empower their team to succeed.

We work with you through a series of personalized sessions to help you develop a clear vision of your leadership role, improve your communication, and strengthen collaboration with stakeholders.

During this in-depth follow-up, you will work closely with our experienced coaches to explore key aspects of your role, including managing your team's skills and motivation, positioning yourself as a leader, managing 1-1 relationships, and collaborating with other stakeholders.

We will also help you develop a solid product strategy, optimize your organization, and implement recruitment processes that will enable you to build a high-performing product team.

Our approach is centered on you and the specific needs of your business.

We are committed to providing you with personalized support, designed to help you realize your ambitions and succeed in today's competitive market.

Coaching for Product Manager

Our coaching for product managers aims to help you acquire the key skills needed to succeed as a product leader.

We will work with you to develop your understanding of product management, helping you to identify good problems, articulate them clearly and concisely, define appropriate metrics, and come up with good solutions.

We will also help you develop your positioning in relation to stakeholders, including communicating with your team members, collaborating with other departments, and negotiating with external stakeholders.

We will also help you develop your positioning as a product leader, assisting you in understanding how you can influence decisions, motivate your team members, and inspire confidence in your organization.

Finally, we will work with you to develop a solid career plan, helping you to understand the skills and experiences you need to acquire to progress in your career.

We will also help you establish clear professional goals and develop a strategy to achieve them.

Our approach is personalized and focused on your unique needs as a product manager.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality coaching, designed to help you succeed in your role and achieve your professional goals.

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