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Who is behing Product Vista?

Jérémie Poutrin
The founder of Product Vista, Jérémie has developed and managed products and teams for over 10 years. His unconventional career path and experiences have enabled him to combine technology, business, and UX, and to build a strong expertise (creating value, maximizing marketing investment, optimizing revenue, organizing and managing teams). After returning to France, he wanted to share his experience and help the Francophone ecosystem progress in this field. However, he maintains daily contact with the international community.
Jérémie Poutrin

What clients are saying

Product Vista helps us execute our Product strategy by validating our assumptions more quickly as well as ensuring operational coherence.

Eric Ouisse
- Founder

Product Vista assists us in the monitoring of our start-ups by bringing a complementary perspective to that offered by Startup Palace.

Our last Posts

A new attempt at giving a product managment definition
Jan 4, 2024

Product Management is 3 things: System thinking Ontology of information Ethic of horizontality find out more here

Annoncement: we are shifting to english
Jan 4, 2024

Annoncement: We are shifting to english.

Comment élaborer une roadmap au trimestre
Feb 21, 2019

Avant Propos - Il faut considerer que nous serons toujours plus ou moins en sous capacité par rapport à nos désir. C’est pour cela que la difficulté est de savoir choisir ses batailles. La question ne sera jamais de savoir combien on peut realiser à la fois mais plutôt, est-ce que toutes les problématiques vitales de la société sont ou seront bientôt traitées.

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